Alonzo de Jessop Memorial Award

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The San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs shall annually award citations, to be known as the Alonzo de Jessop Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to Yachting, to reciepients including, but not limited to, individuals, business firms, fraternal organizations, boating groups, and governmental bodies which shall be deemed to have performed services to yachting beyond the recipients’ normal obligations.

The award may be presented to more than one recipient each year, but no more than six recipients shall be named for any calendar year. The association also may vote not to present the award at their discretion.

The recipient shall receive a certificate or plaque. There shall be no perpetual trophy established for this award.

Presentation of the award shall be made by the Commodore, SDAYC, at the Association’s annual Staff Commodore’s Dinner in December of each year.

To select recipients, the Commodore, SDAYC, shall appoint no later than the September meeting each year a committee of not less than three or more than five members, all of whom shall be Flag Officers of their respective clubs.

This committee shall present to SDAYC at the October meeting a list of candidates for the award and a summary of the committee’s reasons for submitting the name of each candidate.

The nominating committee shall also supply, at the November meeting, ballots with the names of it’s candidates and the final selection of the recipients shall be on the basis of written, secret ballots by the voting delegates to SDAYC present at the November meeting. Only candidates receiving a two-thirds majority vote of the delegates present shall receive the award. A quorum of delegates being present.

The Commodore, SDAYC, shall arrange the proper time and place at which to announce the winners.

It is the intent of this award to honor individuals and organizations who may contribute services to yachting equivalent to those considered for the association’s “Yachtsman of the Year Award and Yachtswoman of the Year Award,” but who may fall outside the purpose and limitations of the citations for the two awards.

Candidates who have performed their services to yachting over a sustained period shall be considered more logical recipients; however, it is recognized that there may be exceptions.

The services being recognized need not be accomplished in the year of the award.

The committee may consider service rendered to local, regional, national and international yachting. Recipients are not restricted to San Diego County residents.

This should be considered a prestigious award, and care be taken to preserve the integrity, prestige, and significance of the honor being tendered.

Note: Traditionally the name(s) of the awardee(s) is withheld until presentation at the December meeting, if possible.

Amended - February 3, 2010



Alonzo de Jessop Memorial Award Past Recipients

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1965 John Bate 1991 Jack Petrick
1966 Harry Monahan 1992 Bruce Gordon
1967 Paul Kettenburg 1993 Dr. Dick Disraeli

Capt. Bill Fargo & the

San Diego Naval Sailing Club


Sandi Gilson

Bill Lewis

Whit Davis

The Tall Ships Society of San Diego

1969 The Union Tribune Publishing Company 1995

Hank Hallelad

Herb Patchel

Marion Bovee

Jon Rogers

1970 Joe Hill & Bob Martinet 1996

Carl Bowman

Byron Jessup

Fred Kirschner

Stanton Betts

1971 Joseph E. Jessop, Sr. 1997 Bill Dysart

Al Paull

Roy Benstead


Ken Gust

The Start of India Auxiliary

1973 Ron Simpson 1999

Robert Muff

Ronald Pauley

1974 Joe McKane 2000

Jim David

Dick Devlin

Rupert Hansen

Bill Lafferty

Bill Thayer

1975 Jerry Donovan 2001 Jeanne Irwin

Dix Brow

Carl Eichenlaub


Toni Clark

Greg Delapp

Ray Wegrzyn

1977 Donald F. Krebs, Sr. 2003

Robert Ehlers

Ed Grimes

Richard Wold

1978 Pete Jung 2004 Not Awarded
1979 Not Awarded 2005 Nick Caldwell

Helen Bedford

Robert H. Lenson

Norman Neely

W.C. "Doc" Nichols

Don_Genevieve O'Connell

2006 James Lonergan

Anne Arms

Lou Gerlinger

Bob Thomas

Jack Woods

2007 Jerry Lounsbury

Ben McKesson

Jack Bodrero


David Bond

Cleve Hardaker

Ralph & Judy Longfellow

James Murtland


Phil Arms

Marshall Nemoy


Drew Bernet

Malin Burnham

1984 Clarence "Bee" Kempf 2010

Pete Curtin

Tom Manok

1985 Sail America Foundation 2011

Gary Hall

Don J. Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Frank Lyall

Sandra Sherman
Grant Williams


Brian Bilbray

Ed Cotter

Paul Pettit


Jeff Brown

Doug & Connie Paine

Jill Powell

Cortez Racing Assn

1987 H. "Pete" Jefferson 2013

Tom Kirwan
John Adriany

Fred Hawes

Lynne Eddy


Ray Prell

Dr. Burton Jay

2014 Bill Campbell
Charles "Chuck" Darragh
1989 Don Thoza 2015 Dr. Raymond Ashley
William E. Dysart
Linda Lee Loftis

Art Katen

Joe McKane

2016 Hugo_Marjie Carver
Brian Evans
Paul_Pat Gadbois
James Lonergan
Joanne O'Dea
Herb Zoehrer