Paul J. Hartley Memorial Award

"Paul J. Hartley Memorial Award" (PDF Format)




The award established by this Deed of Gift shall be known as the Paul J. Hartley Memorial Award.


The award shall be conferred annually upon the boy or girl who shall have been judged to have made a significant contribution to junior sailing activity in San Diego County. In effect, this will be the “Junior Yachtsman of the Year” award for San Diego County, and candidates should be considered as carefully as for the equivalent adult award.


Excellence in the competition ability should not be the sole, or even the major, factor considered in the candidates’ qualifications. Contributions to club activities and particularly efforts to advance junior sailing programs should weigh heavily in the judging. Citzenship, integrity and social attitudes also should be taken into consideration.


Custody of the perpetual trophy and administration of the selection process shall be invested in the San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs (SDAYC). In the event that the SDAYC ceases to function, custody and administration then pass to San Diego Yacht Club as the home of the late Paul J. Hartley.


Any boy or girl who is a resident of San Diego County and who has not attained the age of 18 by December 31 in the year for which the award is made shall be eligible. Note that the selection process takes place for the preceding 12 month period of activity being considered for the award, i.e., the 1985 recipient will be honored for activities from October 1, 1984 to September 30, 1985.


The selection process shall be as follows:


1. Each club which is a regular or associate member of the SDAYC may nominate one candidate for the award each year. Such nominations shall be in writing to the SDAYC by October 1 each year. The nomination should provide evidence of accomplishments in the preceding 12 months and of citizenship qualities which the sponsor feels make the candidate worthy of the award. The nomination should also contain a statement on the sportsmanship and integrity of the candidate. The nomination must be signed by one of the sponsoring club’s flag officers.


2. In September each year, the Commodore of SDAYC shall appoint the Hartley Award Committee, said committee to include representation from each of the regular member clubs of the association. The chairman, to be designated by the Commodore of SDAYC, shall then be the recipient for all nominations.


3. The committee shall then consider the merits of all candidates and the committee may request personal interviews with the candidates if it is deemed necessary to make a recommendation. At the November meeting of the SDAYC, the committee shall submit its’ recommendations. The committee may not submit the names of more than three
candidates for consideration.


4. Final selection shall be made by the vote of the delegates of the SDAYC at the December meeting. The delegates may also vote that no award be made when it is felt that no suitable candidate is available.

Presentation of the award shall be made by the Commodore of the SDAYC or his representative during the season-opening ceremonies of the recipient’s home club. If that date is unsuitable, presentation may be made at a time and place mutually agreed on by the Commodore of SDAYC and Commodore of the club involved. If the recipient does not have a club affiliation, presentation shall be made at the season-opening ceremonies of the San Diego Yacht Club.


The perpetual trophy shall be displayed at the recipient’s home club until it shall be required for presentation to the next winner. A suitable take-home will be provided to be the permanent possession of each winner.


Donors of the award are some of the many friends of the late Paul J. Hartley. It is their desire to honor the memory of the genial yachtsman who made it his avocation to teach the enjoyment and appreciation of sailing to everyone he met. He was a particular friend to the youth of San Diego, and in recognition of his deep personal feelings for and involvement with young people it is considered highly appropriate that an award in his name should stand as a goal and encouragement for the junior members of the San Diego County sailing community.


Within one year of the date below, an amendment to this deed will be filed with the SDAYC listing all the donors to the establishment of this award.


Custody of the perpetual trophy and the authority to administer the award is hereby transferred to the SDAYC on behalf of the donors by:



Accepting on behalf of the San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs:

February 19, 1970         William S. Atha

Revised: October 17, 1985


Application Form & Instructions


Judging Form & Instructions



Paul J. Hartley Memorial Award Past Recipients

Printable copy of the Past Recipients (PDF Format)


1970 Jack Bateman MBYC   1994 Ian Powell OYC
1971 Jack Bateman MBYC   1995 Caldwell Morlon CVYC
1972 Mark Reynolds SDYC   1996 Steven Hochart MBYC
1973 Craig Martin MBYC   1997 Matt Moore SWYC
1974 Sue Mercer CYC   1998 Michele Finazzo SWYC
1975 Danny North SDYC   1999 Lauren Berenson CYC
1976 Brett Haring OYC   2000 Piet Van Os MBYC
1977 Randy Gallman MBYC   2001 Lauren Berenson CYC
1978 Randy Smith SDYC   2002 Danielle Richards SDYC
1979 Carl Hultgren MBYC   2003 Megan Pluth SWYC
1980 Brian Ledbetter SDYC   2004 Adam Roberts SDYC
1981 Alan Ledbetter SDYC   2005 Tyler Sinks SDYC
1982 Not Awarded     2006 Samantha Danielle Ellis SWYC
1983 Alan Ledbetter SDYC   2007 Caleb Paine SWYC
1984 Jeff Peters SDYC   2008 Jennifer Davis CVYC
1985 Todd Peterson SDYC   2009 Kevin Laube MBYC
1986 Randy Lake SDYC   2010 Kate Rakelly MBYC
1987 Patrick Goddard SDYC   2011 Emily Bohl SDYC
1988 Damian Craig SDYC   2012 Adam Reiter SDYC
1989 Giselle Camet SDYC   2013 Molly Pleskus SDYC
1990 Tim Wadlow SWYC   2014 Jesse McKnight SDYC
1991 Dave Houser CYC   2015 Grace Yakutis CYC
1992 Ryan Davis OYC   2016 Cole Harris SDYC
1993 Amy Graham SDYC