Yachtsman of the Year Annual Award

"Yachtsman of the Year" Deed of Gift (PDF Format)



The San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs hereby decrees this Deed of Gift, represented by a yearly trophy to the "Yachtsman of the Year" selected by the following requisites:

1. The "Yachtsman of the Year" will be selected for his outstanding achievements and contributions to the sport of yachting.


2. The "Yachtsman of the Year" will be nominated by a majority of a Board consisting of three yachts persons who represent two (2) or more yacht clubs, two (2) of whom will be Staff Commodores of SDAYC and one (1) who is a Board member delegate of a member club. If only one (1) Staff Commodore is available, there shall be two (2) Board member delegates of a member club. If there is no Staff Commodore available, there shall be three (3) Board member delegates of a member club. The above Board shall be appointed at the September meeting.


3. The nominations for this award shall be announced at the November meeting each year.


4. Voting on nominees shall take place at the December meeting each year.


5. Presentation of the award shall be made at the Opening Day of the Yacht Club to which the "Yachtsman of the Year" belongs.


6. The award shall consist of an inscribed plaque or trophy.


This Deed of Gift shall be kept in the Secretary's record of the SDAYC at all times.


Note: From the SDAYC mnutes of meeting - January 7, 1960


3/10/1971, JJM

Revised 10/17/1985





Yachtsman of the Year Past Recipients

Printable copy of the Past Recipients (PDF Format)


1959 Alonzo de Jessop 1989 Larry Klein
1960 Lowell North 1990 Brian Ledbetter
1961 Wills Short 1991 Paul Pettit
1962 Al Frost, Jr. 1992 Brian Ledbetter, Mark Reynolds, William Koch
1963 Carl Eichenlaub 1993 Ken Gust
1964 Lowell North 1994 Paul Pettit
1965 John O'Connel 1995 Jon Rogers
1966 Jerry Driscoll 1996 Not Awarded
1967 Earl Elms 1997 George Szabo III
1968 Lowell North 1998 Robbie Haines
1969 Earl Elms 1999 Vince Brun
1970 John Scripps 2000 Mark Reynolds
1971 Dennis Conner 2001 Dick Devlin
1972 Tom Tobin 2002 Chris Winnard
1973 Rob Batcher 2003 Jon Rogers
1974 Jerry Driscoll 2004 Tim Wadlow
1975 Dennis Conner 2005 Doug Hart
1976 Eddie Trevelyan 2006 George Szabo
1977 Dennis Conner 2007 Andrew Campbell
1978 Carl Eichenlaub, Dennis Conner, Doug Peterson 2008 Ian Trotter
1979 Robbie Haines 2009 Geoff Longenecker
1980 Dennis Conner 2010 Garry Adalian
1981 Rod Davs 2011 William Hardesty
1982 John Driscoll 2012 Graham Biehl
1983 Dennis Conner 2013 Caleb Paine
1984 Robbie Haines, Rod Davis, Eddie Trevelyan 2014 Scott Sinks
1985 Burton Benjamin 2015 Garry Adalian
1986 Vince Burn, Hugo Shriner 2016 Caleb Paine
1987 Dennis Conner    
1988 Mark Reynolds