Yachtswoman of the Year
Annual Award

"Yachtswoman of the Year" Deed of Gift (PDF Format)




The San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs hereby decrees this Deed of Gift, represented by a yearly trophy to the "Yachtswoman of the Year" selected by the following requisites:


1. The "Yachtswoman of the Year" will be selected for her outstanding achievements and participation in the sport of yachting.


2. The "Yachtswoman of the Year" will be nominated by a majority of a Board consisting of three yachts persons who represent two (2) or more yacht clubs, two (2) of whom will be Staff Commodores of SDAYC and one (1) who is a Board member delegate of a member club. If only one (1) Staff Commodore is available, there shall be two (2) Board member delegates of a member club. If there is no Staff Commodore available, there shall be three (3) Board member delegates of a member club. The above Board shall be appointed at the September meeting.


3. The nominations for this award shall be announced at the November meeting each year.


4. Voting on nominees shall take place at the December meeting each year.


5. Presentation of the award shall be made at the Opening Day of the Yacht Club to which the "Yachtswoman of the Year" belongs.


6. The award shall consist of an inscribed plaque or trophy.


This Deed of Gift shall be kept in the Secretary's record of the SDAYC at all times.


Note: From the SDAYC mnutes of meeting - January 7, 1960



R.J. Prell
Commodore - 1982

Revised 10/17/1985



Yachtswoman of the Year Past Recipients

Printable copy of the Past Recipients (PDF Format)


1982 Ann Gardner 2000 J.J. Isler
1983 Virginia Dege 2001 Betty Becker
1984 Peg Hubbard 2002 Susie Pegel
1985 Kathy Colby 2003 Kristin Cummings
1986 Jennifer Fetter Isler 2004 Lauren Maxham
1987 Barbara Morton 2005 Colleen Cooke
1988 Genie DiDonato 2006 Annie Gardner Nelson
1989 Katy Wadlow 2007 Briana Provancha
1990 Vera Moldt 2008 Terri Manok
1991 Giselle Camet 2009 Molly O'Bryan
1992 J.J. Isler 2010 Danielle Richards
1993 Shella Ann Furman 2011 Mandi Markee
1994 Sue Neal 2012 Rebecca "Becky" Nygren
1995 Not Awarded 2013 Briana Provancha
1996 Not Awarded 2014 Aine Fretwell
1997 Jerilyn Biehl 2015 Summer Green
1998 Susan "Charlie" Arms 2016 Paris Henken
1999 Elaine Townsend